Thursday, September 1, 2011

2 1/2 years

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

#18 - 20

# 18 - A problem that I've had

  • Asking for help. I am the biggest do it yourself-er, control everything, superwoman complex person I know. It's not that I can't ask anyone for help but that I want things done a certain way. I never thought I had a type A personality but I totally see it now.
# 19 - Five items I lust for
  1. Knowledge - I love to learn. If I could, I'd spend my waking hours in a bookstore or in a class. From photography to tennis classes, from medicine to cosmetology, it doesn't matter. It's probably why I find intelligence attractive.
  2. Sweets - My sweet tooth is me weakness. It's a constant struggle on a day to day basis.
  3. Success - I long for success in my career, with my family, with myself. It's the one thing I think about on a daily basis.
  4. True Friendship - Someone who is willing to give as much as they receive. Someone who shares the same interest as I, who has some of the same values. I'm not sure why women find it difficult to trust are get along but I notice it all around me. I admit I don't actively seek friendship as much as I do the other things but it is very much on my wish list.
  5. Travel - I love love love to travel. I'm always planning my next trip or looking at exotic places that I want to visit on the web. I think mother nature has provided us with amazing treats and we just have to find them.
# 20 - My Fears
  • My greatest fear is Failure. I hate to fail at anything. I try my best at the simplest task because I have a set standard for myself. Failure is never an option.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

# 17 - Something I'm proud of

I am very proud of my hair or should I say how I've learned to accept my hair. For years I tried in vain to make my hair look like someone else's- anyone else's. When I was a child I prayed that my hair would grow - denied. As a teenager I faithfully went to the hairdresser every 2 weeks to keep my hair from doing what it does - denied. As a young adult I continued to take pictures of impossible hairstyles (either due to texture, density or lack of length) and begged to have my hair transformed - denied. Through all of this it never occurred to me to allow my hair to be free and natural.

In a perfect world, once I decided to go natural it would have been an easy transition - right - wrong! For my first attempt I wore braids for 6 months, removed them and had my hair cut into a healthy TWA. The first time I glanced in a mirror, I was heart broken and cried myself to sleep. Crazy thoughts haunted me, "I'm ugly, No one will want me, people will make fun of me."So when I woke up, the very first thing I did was make an appointment to have my hair relaxed. Five years passed before I had the courage to try again. This time my transition was slower. I slowly grew my hair out by roller setting my hair and wearing hairstyles that hid the two different textures. When I was ready, really ready- I chopped my hair off again but this time when I looked in the mirror, there were no tears, the fear was gone and no questions loomed about my acceptance from anyone.

So I am proud that I love my hair!

Friday, June 17, 2011

# 11- 16 due to technical difficulties

# 11 - Mi Familia

  • My family is my strength. Everything I am is due to the love and nourishment I received as a child. From the "Soulfood" family dinners to running around in grandma's backyard through the sprinklers with my cousins, I was blessed to have grown up with stability and complete acceptance. Through the years, the dynamics of my family have changed but not the love.
#12 - Five Fine Men (I love black men - in all shades of color - they just have to have swag. This list is in no way complete, just the first five that came to mind. There are so many more)
  1. Boris Kodjoe (all over amazing)
  2. Michael Ealy (hypnotize me with those eyes)
  3. Dennis Haysbert (seduce me with that voice)
  4. Will Smith (He oozes swag and sex appeal)
  5. Morris Chestnut (take me on a chocolate high and never let me come down)
#13 - My Body
  • I am very fortunate to be a woman who loves herself and her body. I love the curve of my hips and breast. I adore the dip in my waist and the small of my back. I admire the fullness of my bum and thighs. The natural strength of my calves and biceps make me wonder what tribe I descended from and make me proud of a heritage unknown. I think my smile is pretty and my eyes are soulful. I love the bend in my hair. I love my body!
# 14 - What I wore today
  • Burnt Orange blouse with flecks of gold and brown
  • Chocolate Shorts
  • 3 tiered dangling earrings and an amber bracelet (given to me by a friend)
  • Brown sandals
#15 - Does my Zodiac fit me - Taurus
  • According to my sign I am stubborn, persistent, practical, reliable, passionate, down to earth and seek balance. This is definitely how I would describe myself. I don't follow my daily horoscope but the broad description is pretty accurate. I've always been goal oriented and self driven. I'm not certain if I can attribute it to my zodiac or my mom but either way - I'll take it. Plus I'm in amazing company - Malcolm X, Janet Jackson, The Rock, Stevie Wonder.
# 16 - What If....
  • What if slavery never occurred- I imagine the heights we would have reached would be unmeasurable by today's standards.
  • What if hatred was nonexistent- racism, sexism.. all the ism's that hold us back as a society would be gone and we would soar as a race of humans without classifications.
  • What if we used all of our brain - currently it's suggested that humans use less than 10% of their brain power. We could possibly heal illnesses with thought, communication would be carried on the wings of a summer breeze.
  • What if we reached our full potential intended by God?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

# 10 - First ten songs on ipod shuffle

Be warned I have a very eclectic taste in music:

  1. Strength, Courage and Wisdom - India Arie
  2. I smile - Kirk Franklin
  3. Chocolate High - India Arie and Music Soul Child
  4. Am I Worth It - Heather Headley
  5. Bruised but not Broken - Joss Stone
  6. When I look to the sky - Train
  7. Defying Gravity - Kristian Chenoweth and Idina Menzel
  8. Into You - Tamia
  9. I don't want to miss a thing - Aerosmith
  10. Poetry - Javier Colon

Friday, June 10, 2011

# 9 - The importance of education

I could write a dissertation on this subject but I'll attempt to be brief.

  • Knowledge is power
  • The future belongs to those who prepare for it today
  • If I knew then what I know now
  • Education equals freedom
There are numerous quotes about the importance of education for a reason, your brain is the most important muscle you have. As this muscle is developed so is every other aspect of your life. Your health, career, social status, opportunities, life experiences etc. - all improve as your knowledge on the respective topics grow. Whats more, the more you empower a person with an education, the more empowered that persons legacy will be because they will teach their children. Education is the one thing that can never be taken away.

If education weren't so important, there never would have been a law forbidding slaves to learn.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

# 8 - What I ate today

I am in the process of determining what mixtures of food work well for me. I don't believe everyone needs the same portions or the same mixtures. With that said

  • Bacon and eggs ( with cheese) for breakfast
  • Strawberry Yogurt for snack one
  • Berry Smoothie for lunch (enriched with oatmeal,flax seed and almond milk)
  • Plain M&M's for snack two
  • 6 inch Turkey w/provolone cheese Subway Sandwich for dinner